How To Step Up Your Style & Still Maintain Your Nerd Status

Not everyone who loves video games and comic books is unstylish, although current perception may tell you otherwise. Loving these things doesn’t mean that you do dress av certain way, or what you have to present yourself in any particular manner. However, if you’re wanting the perception of the common comic book fan to change, it may be a good idea to reinvent your look.

One of the first things you should do when you’re considering changing up your style is to make sure that you have something in mind. If you’re having trouble when looking for something to wear, do some preliminary research for your new wardrobe. You can go to places like Pinterest, or even social media and find influencers who dress in ways that you enjoy. You can even take note from your favorite comic book heroes, before the costumes of course, and incorporate some classy attire to your wardrobe with less issues and still being influenced by your favorite characters.

When you’re looking at shopping for new clothing, you’ll need to keep an eye on sale items, and items that actually fit you. Make sure that when you’re shopping, especially if it’s a new brand, to go with trying things on in the store, and to go with making sure that you have everything you need to look your best. When you try things on in the store, you’ll have a better idea of a certain fit. If you’re looking to compliment your clothing with tasteful and objective taste, then you may need to go to a tailor, especially if you’re getting cheaper clothing, or not fast fashion.

Speaking of the tailor, this is every fashionable man’s superpower. If you’re going to be dressing nice, making your clothing fit is the first way to make an outfit look it’s best. Even the clothing you have now and in your closets can be improved by just visiting a tailor, or even learning to tailor clothing yourself can make a huge difference in your style. When you’re looking at what to tailor or learning how you want your items tailored make sure that you do some preliminary research. While you can definitely read articles, one of the best ways to understand how tailoring works, and what you’ll be looking for in the a fashionable and stylish sense is to watch YouTube videos. These can even tell you the exact kind of measurements you’ll need to have made so that you can get the most out of your look.

If you’re a visual learner, YouTube is an amazing place to start getting an idea of how things should fit and how to make the most out of your wardrobe. While you can find information on tailoring, you can also find information on what kind of clothes you should be looking for, especially if you want to skip the tailor, and if you’re looking to get a certain look. If you want to make sure that you are dressing your best and making the best first impression you can, it’s a great idea to do a lot of preliminary research and to learn as you go along.

Another great idea is to start shopping at fashionable places with great cuts to their clothing. If you’re looking to step up your style, whether that be to impress a lady or to get a job, places like Clarks are a great way to start off your wardrobe with select pieces that can really bump up your clothing choices.


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