Classic Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman sporting a swimsuit

Here’s a totally cheesy but still very sexy montage of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, with a scene of her in a swimsuit on the beach. Lynda Carter had an amazing figure and she’ll always be the standard for judging actresses to take on the Wonder Woman role. Enjoy!

Also, you can get a poster of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on!

7HEQG00Z Lynda Carter Wonder Woman


Comic Con 2012 recap and Cosplay Babes

Wait for the cosplay babes at the end, though it’s a pretty good recap.


Rebecca Romijn as Mystique of the X-Men

Here’s a great slideshow of Rebecca Romijn (AKA Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) who was Mystique in the X-Men movies. This 5′ 10″ stunner became a famous model in publications like Sports Illustrated and for catelogs like Victoria’s Secret. She gained notoriety in the comics world when she played the shape-shifting “Mystique” in the first X-Men movie in 2000. The first photo above has her as that character. Mystique is definitely one if the sexier characters with Romijn taking the part!


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