Gravity Rush

The first release of the game, Gravity Rush (known in Japan is Gravity Daze) is an action-adventure game published by Sony Computer Entertainment and developed by SCE Japan Studio as well as Project Siren. Development of the game started in 2008 for PS3 before eventually being moved across to PS Vita and then PS4.

The core of the game revolves around an open world which allows players to manipulate gravity, allowing for specialized navigation and movements.

The story in the first game revolves around the character Kat, who awakens in a floating city called Hekseville, next to an enigmatic cat she names Dusty. While rescuing a young boy from being carried away in a gravity storm, Kat realizes that Dusty the cat has the capability to manipulate how she is affected by gravity and this helps her in assisting people to fight against mythical creatures spawned from the Nevi Storms. With the help of Dusty, Kat saves a police officer called Syd, and thereafter she is named a Shifter by the citizens of Hekseville.

Gravity Rush 2

Gravity Rush 2 was released January 2017 and it’s as much fun as Visa slots, only without the chance to win real money!. The second game expands the gravity controlling mechanics from Gravity Rush. Players have the option to select a gravity style from 3 options – the original from Gravity Rush, and an additional 2 styles, Lunar and Jupiter. Lunar is light and increases speed and assists Kat in jumping higher. Jupiter makes her heavy, but makes her attacks more significant.

Enemies from Gravity 1 return to haunt Kat in Gravity 2, for example the Nevi. But other characters such as gravity shifter Raven, who in the first game was an enemy of Kat’s shows up in Gravity Rush 2 as an AI controlled ally, who is able to fight alongside Kat in some of her battles.

Gravity Rush 2 has triple the number of missions than Gravity 1, and the game is anything from, 20 to 40 hours in duration. The map in Gravity Rush 2 is at least 2 and a half time bigger than the map in the previous version.


The story of Gravity Rush 2 starts when Kat and her mysterious cat Syd make their arrival in Banga Village. On arrival, they make friends with a girl called Cecie, who has also arrived under strange happenings. They work to mine Gravity Ore and then travel to places where they can sell it to traders including the trader with no morals Vovo Sun. When they realize Vovo Sun is trying to short-change the village, they move on, to the floating City of Jirga Para Lhao, On arrival there they realise that the city’s’ elite are oppressing the poor through military intimidation.

From there on out the story is divided into 3 main sections. The first chapter sees the heroine Kat fighting for the working classes of the city who are living in a state of social inequality. The second chapter picks up on the storyline from the Gravity Rush 1, and the final chapter takes a look at Kat’s past.

Gravity Rush 2 is a super fun, lovely to look at game that expands on the first version and continues to enchant fans the world across.


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