Classic Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman sporting a swimsuit

Here’s a totally cheesy but still very sexy montage of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, with a scene of her in a swimsuit on the beach. Lynda Carter had an amazing figure and she’ll always be the standard for judging actresses to take on the Wonder Woman role. Enjoy!

Also, you can get a poster of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman on!

7HEQG00Z Lynda Carter Wonder Woman


Falling Skies: The Web Comic

There’s nothing like the name “Steven Spielberg” to get a show buzzing almost an entire year before it ever hits the airwaves. Such was the case with TNT’s new sci-fi drama, “Falling Skies,” starring Noah Wyle, a man whose name I still want to spell as “Wylie” no matter how many times I type it.

Wyle and fellow series cohorts Moon Bloodgood and co-executive producer and writer Mark Verheiden turned up at the New York Comic-Con not too long ago, and to unabashedly play on that fanbase, TNT is offering up its first look at the “Falling Skies” web comic, which comes to us courtesy of the fine folks at Dark Horse Comics.

You can also enjoy a look behind the scenes of the comic’s creation here:


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