Adrianne Curry looks hot in Aeon Flux costume

Adrianne Curry tweeted the photo above as she’s showing off her sexy body in an Aeon Flux costume. Then she tweeted that she was booted from Comic-Con for looking too sexy!


Trailer released for “The Dark Knight Rises”

Very cool . . .


It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…an attorney?

The good folks over at Mother Jones recently had a fun conversation with a couple of gentlemen whose names may not mean anything to you right off the bat, but James Daily, of Stanford University’s Hoover Institution, and Ryan Davidson, an insurance lawyer from Fort Wayne, Indiana, are the founders of Law and the Multiverse, a blog which deals with the ins and outside of comic book legalities.

Now, when we say “comic book legalities,” we don’t mean, like, “I created this character, and you don’t have the rights to use him.”

We’re talking questions such as, “If a superhero has sex with a woman who doesn’t know he’s a superhero, i.e. when he’s in his secret identity, can she sue if the child turns out to have undesirable uncontrollable superpowers?”

And, yes, they do have an answer for that.

James Daily: I don’t think so. I mean I’m not positive, but I would think that by analogy to, for example, someone who knows that they are the carrier to a hereditary disease.

Ryan Davidson: Yeah, a hereditary condition is different than a disease. If you know you have a disease and you give to someone else through sex and you know you have it, that’s a crime.

James Dailey: And it’s worth noting that the father would still be required to support the child. That’s probably the way the law addresses that kind of thing: It’s unfortunate you have a child that you didn’t realize was going to require maybe special care, you have to send them off to a special school for mutants or whatever, but on the other hand the other parent is supposed to at least theoretically supposed to pay for their fair share of that.

Intrigued? The piece in its entirety is only a click away.


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