Batman vs. Darth Vader

Wow! This is pretty badass and it’s a fanboy’s wet dream . . .

I have to say I’m impressed with this epic battle with both Batman and Darth Vader going tow to toe – science vs magic. Very cool.


Good reviews for “Man of Steel”

Man of Steel’s Jason Zingale likes this Superman reboot:

The best thing about “Man of Steel,” however, is the action. The fight scenes are lightning fast and brutal, really playing up the superhuman angle of the Kryptonians in a way that’s never been done before. Though there are only a handful of action sequences in the movie, all but one of them is outstanding, especially the fight between Superman and two of Zod’s soldiers in the streets of Smallville, which, despite some disgustingly blatant product placement, delivers everything that you’d expect from a modern day Superman film. The big finale is a little too generic and blockbustery for its own good, but by that point, “Man of Steel” had already won me over. It’s not quite as groundbreaking as what Nolan achieved with “Batman Begins,” but considering Warner’s recent track record with DC Comics characters, it’s a massive and incredibly enjoyable step in the right direction.

Not all critics love it but you can review all of them on Rotten Tomatoes.


Spider-Man’s poker hookup will write a memoir

Poker Princess Molly Bloom is writing a memoir. Molly was a well-connected lady and she ran high-stakes, exclusive poker games involving some of Hollywood’s biggest names, playboys and sports stars, including “Spider-Man” star Tobey Maguire. We know in today’s world there are tons of ways to play poker, but if you’re a big time celebrity and want to play high stakes games without the tabloids watching your every move then you go out and look for private games.

Not all of us of course live in the same world as “Spider-Man” actors. Fortunately, poker is exploding around the country. Of course we can fly out to cool places like Las Vegas or other exotic locals, but now Clevelanders can just drive downtown to play poker, just like people all over the country, who now have a casino within driving distance for the opportunity to play the awesome game of poker. Then we all have the option of playing poker online. There are so many poker games out there and people can have a blast and also refine their poker skills. Games like free-rolls are particularly good for improving poker skills.

That said, I’m sure there are plenty of fans out there who would love a crack at bluffing Spider-Man or another celebrity. The star power in the poker world has become a huge draw. The best poker pros are real celebrities in this world, and then you have real celebrities like Tobey Maguire who love to play the game. Sure, he’s now the “old” Spider-Man but he’s still a huge celebrity.

Chances are that the popularity of the game is just going to keep growing as more states add ways to play and more games become available online. Then consider the international growth as well. Throw in TV following events like the World Series of Poker and you have a game that just keeps growing in popularity.


Next steps for superhero movies?

Here’s the new “Man of Steel” trailer, and it looks pretty good.

Daniel D. Snyder takes stock of the current state of superhero movies in the wake of the release of The Dark Knight Rises” and discusses what’s next.

When The Dark Knight Rises leaves theaters (probably sometime after the sun has gone out), it will mark the end of arguably the most commercially and critically successful comic-book movie franchise of all time. Save for Marvel’s loosely connected Avengers films, no series will have grossed more money at the box office, been subjected to more acute critical analysis, or garnered such devotion from both genre aficionados and outsiders.

This is all great for comic-book movies, which have now proven themselves not only to be a source of revenue but of genuine artistic worth. But what happens now? Has the genre peaked? In the wake of The Dark Knight Rises, it’s time to look at the future of comic book movies and see where they might go from here:

The DC/Warner Bros. partnership is screwed

Warner Brothers, which owns DC Comics, is in no danger of folding, but their stake in the comic-book movie market is about to shrink dramatically. Looking at the somewhat surprising success of Columbia Pictures’ Spider-Man’s “unnecessary” reboot ($500 million so far worldwide) a mere five years after its last installment, it may be tempting for Warner Bros. to get Batman back in theaters as fast as possible. But The Amazing Spider-Man had the benefit of following the commercially successful but critically reviled Spider-Man 3 (it wasn’t exactly like most fans felt director Sam Raimi’s legacy would be spoiled by the reboot). Considering the success and inevitable enshrinement of the Dark Knight trilogy, Warner Bros. would be wise to put as much distance as they can between Christopher Nolan’s final Batman film and the Caped Crusader’s next adventure.

Warner Bros. execs’ best hope for the future is next year’s Superman reboot, Man of Steel, but they’ll be relying on an iconic brand to overcome the deficiencies of its director, Zack Snyder, whose stock took a major hit in 2011 after the misogynistic boyhood fantasy flick Sucker Punch.

Check out the whole article for the rest of his take.


Good reviews for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’

The reviews are in for “The Amazing Spider-Man” and they are pretty good.’s Jason Zingale liked it, and the critic ratings on Rotten Tomatoes are solid, with excellent audience ratings.

Here’s what Jason had to say:

There has been a lot of criticism regarding Sony’s decision to reboot the Spider-Man franchise only a decade after the first film was released, and although it may seem silly to start from square one again after Sam Raimi did such a good job establishing the web-slinger’s cinematic universe, it was time for a change. As great as Raimi’s trilogy was (and for the record, I’m one of the few people who will actually admit to liking the third installment), rebooting the series has allowed director Marc Webb, who’s just as much of an inspired but risky choice as Jon Favreau was for “Iron Man,” to take Marvel’s popular superhero in an exciting new direction.

Check out the rest of his review in the link above.


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