Guess The Superhero!


Think comic books are just a fad designed for kids? Think again. For example, with no more than 100 copies left in the world, a near-mint copy of Action Comics No.1 which featured Superman’s debut now sells for over an eye-watering $3 million dollars. Not bad for something that initially cost 10c. It’s not even worth us figuring out the mark-up price on that one!

To celebrate the ever growing and much loved world of comic books, graphic novels and heroes from all walks of life, we’ve put together this quiz to bring you a chance to test your knowledge. Each question has a handful of info about a certain superhero, and all you have to do is decipher who it is from the options! Seems easy right? Well don’t get cocky friends, as some of these characters are more obscure than you may think possible!

This piece was put together on behalf of Power Spins, check them out for the coolest Superhero slots, and be sure to bag yourself a little free spins no deposit required bonus.

Drop us a comment to let us know how you got on, who your favourite hero is and who you think we should’ve included! Remember to share it with your pals and see which of you the biggest fan is!


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