Which Aquaman character are you?

Ever since Justice League was a bit of a bomb, the DC Cinematic Universe has been on thin ice. After the surprise success of Wonder Woman, it seemed like Warner Brothers had finally got the formula right but, sadly, it was soon put on dodgy ground again by another failure. But will the next movie be the turning point? Directed by James Wan, the Aquaman movie looks ready to redeem both the DC Cinematic Universe and a much-beleaguered character who has, for the last few years, always been seen as the butt of the joke.

Ever since the 1960’s Super Friends cartoon, Aquaman has been treated as a bit of a joke character, powers that aren’t as good as Superman’s, less interesting than Batman and Wonder Woman, surprisingly his appearance in the Justice League movie was enough to make him look cool in the eyes of the audience. This was enough to inspire his own movie, where Aquaman must return to his mother’s home of Atlantis and face his half-brother, Orm, in a duel to decide the fate of both the seas and the surface. Along the way he is aided by the mysterious Mera and chased by the chilling Black Manta as he moves towards his inevitable confrontation to decide the King of the Seas.

To tie in with the launch of the movie, there is also a slot game coming soon that can be found on all the best online casino websites. Not only that, we have here a quiz that can help you work out which of the Aquaman stars you are most like. Are you like the heroic Aquaman? The villainous Black Manta? Take this quiz and find out! All you have to do is the answer the questions as honestly as you can and see what result you get! Good luck!


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